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Today's headlines: Home visits and hospitality on the table for new Covid curbs; Pfizer jab effectiveness wanes just three months after second shot


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Hospitality and home visits on the table for new Covid curbs

New limits on the number of people permitted to sit at tables indoors, caps on household visits and a reduction in capacity at live music venues are among the measures being discussed by the Government as it struggles to get the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic under control.

First-time buyers getting older as 76pc are now over 30

Most first-time home buyers are now over the age of 30, in a major reversal of previous trends.

Pfizer jab effectiveness wanes just three months after second shot

People who had the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine are at increased risk of getting infected with the virus as early as three months after their second jab, a new study reveals today.

TD insists borrowed lorry used in Dáil protest stunt ‘fully insured’

A TD who drove a truck into the grounds of the Dáil in a protest stunt has said he does not even own the vehicle. The Independent deputy said the truck was insured, even though the disc is not visible.

‘Obsession’ with raising pension age means other options ignored, committee told

Policymakers have an obsession with raising the age at which people qualify for the State pension, politicians have been told.

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The Indo Daily: The Black Friday backlash

The Indo Daily: The Black Friday backlash

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Bank holiday on St Brigid's Day ‘is not ruled out’

A new bank holiday on St Brigid’s Day has not been ruled out for next year and frontline workers are set for a once-off pandemic bonus payment.

Retailers over-egg Black Friday sales, using prices from years ago

The worst examples include televisions where claimed discounts of more than €1,000 are actually only €150 cheaper than before, and headphones quoting outdated pricing from years ago.

Footage of government figures and health officials saying ‘schools are safe’

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