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News headlines Ireland: Budget perks for pensioners and workers revealed; more abandon face masks and hand sanitiser amid spike in Covid infections


Ministers Michael McGrath and Paschal Donohoe are putting the final touches to Budget 2022

Ministers Michael McGrath and Paschal Donohoe are putting the final touches to Budget 2022

Ministers Michael McGrath and Paschal Donohoe are putting the final touches to Budget 2022

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Revealed: the Budget perks for pensioners and workers

Half-a-million people working from home are set to benefit from a clawback on heating, electricity and broadband bills in the Budget, the Irish Independent can reveal.

Sacrificing cultural hub the Cobblestone on altar of tourism would be a grave mistake

The famous Dublin pub is a cornerstone of the Irish music scene – and that’s more important than building yet another hotel, writes Conor McKeon.

Concerns over Attorney General’s private work raised in court last year

Concerns were raised in court as far back as November last year about Attorney General Paul Gallagher SC continuing to do legal work in a private capacity, the Irish Independent has learned.

Planned PRSI payments for over-66s like ‘double taxation’, says former pensions ombudsman

Controversial plans to have people over 66 pay PRSI have been slammed as “double taxation” by a former pensions ombudsman.

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More abandoning face masks and hand sanitiser due to Covid complacency

More of us may be getting complacent, ditching face masks at work and ignoring shop hand sanitiser amid concern at a steep rise in Covid-19 cases to 2,002 yesterday.

‘Bust to boom’ – how the arrival of Intel breathed life into struggling Leixlip

Leixlip was a town on its knees in the 1980s. A recession gripped the country and the two main employers in the town, the Irish Meat Packers Plant and a clothing factory, closed for good. Then US technology company Intel arrived.

The controversial proposals to change our pension system – and how we’d all be affected

The Government-appointed Pensions Commission has made a string of recommendations, with some of them proving very controversial. So what exactly are the experts proposing?

Hungary follows Ireland in signing up to ‘historic’ corporate tax deal

Hungary became the last EU holdout to sign up to an historic global tax deal that will set a 15pc minimum tax rate for multinationals. It brings to 136 the number of countries signing up, after Ireland and Estonia announced their agreement late on Thursday.

Restaurants employing illegal immigrants among businesses targeted in probe into fraudulent PUP payments

An ongoing investigation into fraudulent PUP and social welfare payments uncovered a “tangled web” of criminality which involved illegal immigration into Ireland, it has emerged.

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