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Lucy Kennedy reveals she ‘dreads’ the day Living With Lucy comes to an end


Lucy Kennedy speaks with Rachel Allen about the publicity surrounding her son's drug conviction

Lucy Kennedy speaks with Rachel Allen about the publicity surrounding her son's drug conviction

Lucy Kennedy speaks with Rachel Allen about the publicity surrounding her son's drug conviction

TV presenter Lucy Kennedy has admitted she dreads the day that her hit show Living With Lucy comes to an end.

Speaking to the Sunday World about the reality programme which sees her move in with celebrities, Lucy said the show is who she is.

“I would happily host Living with Lucy forever, I dread the day it's over. I love it, it's who I am.

"It's part of my every year. Six months of every year for the past 12 years of my life.”

The programme, which first aired on RTE in August 2008 moved to Virgin Media in 2016, and has so far had five seasons.

When asked if she thought the show would return for another series, Lucy said yes.

“Yes, I’d say so. It’s gone from strength to strength, it still rates. People love it. Thank God. I always hope that people still love it. And it’s still a nice comforting feeling for me that people still do.

“Every decision that's made regarding Living with Lucy is thought through so thoroughly from the guest to the final programme, to how it's marketed,” she said.

The finale of the fifth season aired on Monday night, and saw Lucy living with celebrity chef Rachel Allen.

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Other guests on this season included Pantibliss, Michelle Heaton and Hughie Maughan.

It was the first season of the show since the pandemic.

Last year the show was called Lodging With Lucy and saw celebs such as Greg O’Shea, Amy Huberman and Lynn Ruane live with her at a lodge in county Meath.

Past seasons of the show saw her bunking with Katie Hopkins, Barry Keoghan, Jade Goody and Jedward.

Not only a TV presenter, Lucy also hosts the morning breakfast show on Classic Hits 4FM along with her longtime radio friend, Colm Hayes.

“Very few people can say they laugh every morning, but genuinely I do,” Lucy said of their friendship.

“I’m working with one of my best friends, and now and again, I always need to remind myself that it is a job.”

Lucy (45) met Colm in 2008 when the pair took over Gerry Ryan’s 2FM spot after his untimely death.

After a few weeks doing the programme, Lucy was reportedly let go as bosses claimed she didn't have enough experience for the job.

More recently, 2FM hit headlines after much loved presenter Louise McSharry was let go. from the station and not allowed to host her final show while former 2FM presenter Keith Walsh branded RTE as a “toxic workplace” in an interview with the Sunday World.

Speaking about the controversy, Lucy said that like most jobs, in radio if you’re not performing you're asked to move on.

“I think most jobs are fickle. If you’re in sales and you’re not performing you’re asked to move on.”

“I don't see the media industry as being fickle, I see it as: if there's an audience for you, be it viewers or listeners you're safe.

“For me, I don't think about it. The JNLR figures come out every couple of months, the ratings come out the day after Living With Lucy - do I think about Living with Lucy with a slight ‘ahhh’ in my tummy? Yes I do,” she said.

“I would hate to let anybody down. I would hate to let Virgin Media down or the celebrity that I’ve lived with.

“With the [radio figures] you can only do your best,” Lucy said, adding: “I don't worry about it because I don't think you can, and I don't think you should. It taints your performance if you're constantly assessing yourself and worrying.”

“If I worried about what people thought of me, I never would have lived in Ballydung Manor.”

“I've got radio, telly and my book. If it all ended tomorrow, I'm sure I'd get a job. I don't sweat the small stuff. Not now, I used to."

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