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Kindness was 'beaten' out of US president Donald Trump, says niece Mary


Mary Trump

Mary Trump


Mary Trump

Mary Trump has told of how she thinks the ability to be kind was “beaten out” of US President Donald Trump by his father.

Mary, a clinical psychologist and niece of US President Donald Trump, has released a tell-all memoir, Too Much and Never Enough - How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man, which portrays the Trump family’s upbringing of her father, Fred Jr, as cold and ruthless.

Mary said she thinks the inner-workings of the ruthless, business-driven family patriarch lead by her grandfather, Fred Sr could explain the president’s characteristics and behaviours.

In an interview with RTÉ presenter Miriam O' Callaghan, Mary said she doesn’t believe the president is a “born sociopath” but now displays those traits, which she thinks is attributed to his tough upbringing.

“This has been a long project for my grandfather to get Donald to be the person that he requires him to be in order to be of use to him, which is why I don't think that Donald was a born sociopath in the way I believe my grandfather probably was,” she said.

“There were a couple of instances of kindness that I witnessed. Nothing out of the ordinary, truly, and the only reason they stand out is because they were so few and far between. I do think that that impulse was there but it eventually got beaten out of him.”

Mary told of how her grandfather favoured president Trump over her father, Fred Trump Jr.

She said her father “wasn’t the person he wanted his oldest son and namesake to be” as Fred Jr’s sensitive personality and kind ways made him less suitable to take over the family real estate business, Trump Management.

Mary said Fred Sr wanted “wanted a tough guy, somebody who would do anything to win,” to be the heir of the company.

“One of my grandfather's philosophies was that life and family was a zero-sum game, and only one person could win. And if you weren't winning, you were losing,” she said.

“So, my father did not fit that bill. He was a kind, and sensitive boy and man who loved being outside, he had interests outside of the family business. He had a group of friends who adored him."

She said her father was “punished mightily” for this, and that by witnessing this, the president learned from a young age that “in order to succeed in the family and in life he could be nothing like his older brother.”

Fred Jr died, aged 42, in 1981 following a struggle with alcoholism.

Mary said her father, who, due to his declining health, had moved back in with his parents around the time of his death, died without any family members by his side.

She said: “I think part of it was just following my grandfather's lead, which is what everybody in the family always did. He wasn't going to the hospital, so Donald and Elizabeth weren't going to go to the hospital. What makes it worse, though, is that Donald and Elizabeth went to the movies.”

Some commentators have accused Mary of being a disgruntled distant relative of the Trump family who is vengeful over being cut out of a 20 pc share of her grandfather’s estate she might have received had her Fred Jr lived.

Mary said that she is “neither disgruntled nor bitter,” adding: “Some people might say it's revenge, but I'd say if I were looking to write that wrong it would be more justice.

“That having been said, if I just been looking to score some bit of revenge or score a payday I would have done this 10 years ago when he [Donald Trump] was a very public figure and it would have been safer.”

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