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Saturday 18 August 2018

Leprechauns don't exist, says Danny Healy-Rae

TD Danny Healy-Rae called the new legislation 'sad for rural Ireland'
Photo: Tom Burke
TD Danny Healy-Rae called the new legislation 'sad for rural Ireland' Photo: Tom Burke
Wayne O'Connor

Wayne O'Connor

He claims fairies are responsible for the poor condition of Kerry roads but now it can be revealed Danny Healy-Rae is a leprechaun denier.

The Kilgarvan Independent TD's revelation came as he expressed concern that people living in rural Ireland will be unfairly hit as part of a series of measures aimed at tackling climate change.

He is unhappy that they will lose out financially because of the Government's €22bn commitment to tackle the issue as part of the National Development Plan.

The Oireachtas Agriculture Committee was examining the likely impacts of climate change when Mr Healy-Rae conceded: "There are no leprechauns."

He said up to €500bn was already being raised annually in carbon taxes. Further increases mean this figure is likely to rise in years to come.

He claimed working people and farmers would be forced to make up this extra money by 2040.

"Who is going to pay for that?" he asked.

"It's the people working and the farmers who will have to pay, because there are no Mother Teresas. Mother Teresa died. There are no leprechauns.

"The money will have to be extracted from the working people, the private people, the farmers and the business people." He also claims encouraging the use of electric vehicles will prove fruitless because of pools of water on roads in Kerry.

Mr Healy-Rae said: "There'll have to be no pools of water if you are driving an electric car because if you are driving through the pools of water I have been going through for the last fortnight you'll soon find out how far the electric car will go.

"They won't keep going like the diesel or petrol vehicles."

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