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Dublin Airport: Flights delayed for third day after drone sightings near runway


Dublin Airport. Photo: Jason Alden

Dublin Airport. Photo: Jason Alden

Dublin Airport. Photo: Jason Alden

Significant disruption was caused at Dublin Airport again this evening after a drone was spotted on the airfield – the third time flights have had to be suspended in recent days.

A spokesperson for the airport’s operators, DAA, confirmed that flight operations had to be suspended for 40 minutes.

“Flight operations at Dublin Airport were once again suspended this evening (Monday) for safety reasons after a drone was spotted on the airfield,” the spokesperson said.

“Following a suspension of around 40 minutes, flight operations restarted around 19.45.”

The spokesperson said the “reckless and irresponsible behaviour” of those causing ongoing drone disruptions at Dublin Airport is “unacceptable”.

“Those found responsible will face prosecution. While safety and security remain our top priorities such disruptions cause huge inconvenience to our passengers,” the spokesperson said.

“Again, we would remind the public that it is illegal to fly drones within 5km of the airport.”

The DAA said the airport’s drone detection system, along with input from airline pilots, ground crew and air traffic control provide a “rigorous and robust” monitoring system which allows for a “safe and timely response to these incidents to allow us focus on our top priorities, safety and security”.

This is now the third day that flight operations at the airport have been disrupted by drone activity.

Similar activity was reported on Friday and Saturday and as a result, a number of flights to and from the airport were delayed as a result.

Ryanair has once again called on Transport Minister Eamon Ryan to take “immediate action” to prevent further disruption.

A spokesperson for the airline said the suspension of flights at the airport this evening prevented the landing of four of its flights.

Three flights were diverted to Belfast while one was diverted to Shannon Airport.

“Thousands of passengers at Dublin Airport have encountered further disruption today due to drone activity with the airport being closed at 19:03 for a period of approximately 45 minutes,” the spokesperson said.

They said it is “unacceptable” that thousands of passengers have now faced a third day of disruptions due to apparent drone activity at the airport.

“With disruptions to flights to/from Dublin airport on Friday, Saturday and now again today, Minister Ryan has stayed silent and failed to confirm what actions are being implemented to prevent further disruption to passengers,” they said.

“We are yet again calling on Minister Ryan to confirm what action is being taken to protect the country’s main airport from repeated disruptions from illegal drone activity.”

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