DSPCA rescue one-eared pup that was 'thrown from a car'


The DSPCA have shared a video of a 'shy' but 'sweet' eight-month-old dog, who is said to have been 'thrown from a car.'

"Yesterday afternoon ambulance driver Shane brought this little guy in after we received a call that he was allegedly thrown from a car." The DSPCA wrote on social media.

"Thankfully he had no injuries and although a little shy at first he was extremely friendly and so incredibly sweet.

"A full vet check by Aoife confirmed that he was in good health and only had one ear which appears to be a congenital abnormality.

"Little 'Dolph' is only about 8 months old. He had a lovely dinner and a cosy bed last night. A nice warm bath is on the cards for him today. Welcome little fella, you’re in good hands now."