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Dr angela

Dear Angela,

My new girlfriend has a latex fetish. It's great that she is kinky and all that, but her obsession with latex makes me a bit uncomfortable.

We haven't had sex yet, but I know she's wearing latex underwear and she told me she has all kinds of latex clothes.

This whole latex thing makes me think of people dressed up in black, ugly latex from top to toe, with hoods and masks and stuff like that.

I really fancy my new girlfriend, but I find this latex fetish totally unappealing and I can't imagine us getting on too well together in the sex department.

ANGELA SAYS: If you really like your new girlfriend you should give this relationship a chance. Not all latex clothing is so unappealing - there is a new, colourful range of latex fashion that can actually look quite sexy, and not only to a full-blown fetishist. It's also well possible that your girlfriend enjoys sex without latex as well. Have an open and honest chat with her, tell her about your concerns and see what she has to say.

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