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Dear Karen,

Dear Karen,

My sister paid for the Rotavirus vaccine for her baby. I know it is not part of the routine schedule, would you recommend this vaccine for my baby?

KAREN SAYS: Rotavirus infections in humans causes gastroenteritis that usually lasts from three to eight days. Nearly all children will have at least one episode before reaching five years of age.

The Rotavirus infection is more likely to be more severe with a risk of hospitalisation where the baby is low birth weight or pre-term; if there is another child less than two years old in the house; if the baby is exposed to smokers or if the baby is attending creche or day care facilities.

My advice is if your baby is in one of the higher risk groups it is perfectly reasonable to consider the Rotavirus vaccine.

It is an oral vaccine which will be given by your doctor on two separate occasions at two and four months.

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