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Conor McGregor has said he ‘could have been dead’ after apparently being struck by a car while out cycling

Conor McGregor has said he "could have been dead" after apparently being struck by a car while out cycling.

The UFC fighter posted footage of the aftermath of the incident which is believed to have occurred earlier today.

An image shows his bicycle in the middle of the road and a car a short distance away.

While the location is not disclosed it's believed to have occurred in Co Kildare close to where he lives.

In one video McGregor says: "Don't worry about it. Mate that's nasty, I could have been dead there mate. That cars after creaming me boys.”

The driver of the car can be heard saying "I couldn't see a thing" and "I'm so sorry".

A shaken McGregor then says: "I'm after getting away with me life there boys. I don't give a b***** mate all good all good. Safe travels brother."

The driver of the vehicle then offers McGregor a lift, to which the MMA fighter responds: "Yeah I'm gonna need a lift home mate that bikes f*****. Ah good luck".

In a second video Conor McGregor can be seen in the passenger seat of a vehicle with another man driving, who gives his name.

The UFC star then says: "(He) is after smacking me with his car in the back. It wasn't our time...that's all and we're still here thank God. That's all that matters."

In a message underneath his Instagram post he added: "Having an awareness on the landing saved my life."

It's understood that, at this stage, the matter has not been formally reported to gardaí.

Meanwhile, the 34-year-old is currently before the courts on dangerous driving charges arising from an alleged incident in west Dublin last year.

He was stopped by gardaí on the M50 interchange near Palmerstown on March 22 and arrested.

The world's highest paid athlete in 2021 was driving his 191 Bentley Continental GT, worth around €170,000, at the time.

McGregor, with an address in Straffan, Co Kildare, was initially charged with two counts of dangerous driving before later being charged with an additional four offences.

They include driving without a licence and insurance, failing to produce both within 10 days of the alleged incident, and careless driving.

Conor McGregor missed his last court appearance because he had the flu and his case is next listed for December.

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