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Dear Angela,

Our new neighbours are making a lot of noise in bed. He's grunting, and she's moaning and screaming her head off.

At first my husband and I were a bit annoyed because our neighbours were keeping us awake, but then one night we had sex while our neighbours were at it as well, and their noise actually turned us on.

The other night I recorded the sex noise with my mobile and I sent in on to my best friend, just for the craic.

My husband got mad, but if these people make so much noise it's their own fault if others listen in or even record them. What is your opinion on this?

ANGELA SAYS: There is actually a good chance that they know you're listening in, and that it turns them on. But it's not fair to record them without their consent, and if you do it anyway you should at least keep these recordings to yourself and not spread them around among your friends.

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