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Friday 18 January 2019

Kathryn Thomas

Kathryn Thomas is an Irish television presenter. Her break into television came when she co-presented Rapid, a youth sports show, with Dublin GAA star Jason Sherlock during the 1990s.

Get a body like Kathryn Thomas! 

We always thought that getting and then maintaining the enviable body of a celebrity was just not possible for us civilians. The celebs have dedicated teams of people to wrestle the bars of chocolate away from them in times of weakness, and personal trainers on hand to scream at them to "push it!", or whatever it is that trainers shout - no wonder they look so perfect. Now, the impossible seems achievable with broadcaster Kathryn Thomas's latest venture, Pure Results Bootcamp.

Nuala Carey: Smiling whatever the weather 

Emily Hourican Nuala Carey has taken a dignified swipe at the kind of stereotyping that sees women on TV reduced to the sum of what they wear and look like - "People forget weathergirls aren't just pretty faces" - but, being Nuala, she has done it in a reasonable and thoughtful manner. "I do understand it. A man on TV is just wearing a suit, visually, there is more to take in when you're looking at a woman. But all the same . . . " All the same, indeed.

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