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Why you should know about Lauryn Canny


Actor Lauryn Canny

Actor Lauryn Canny

Actor Lauryn Canny

She's the one to watch this year. The name Lauryn Canny might not be familiar to most people just yet, but, trust us, in a couple of months' time you'll know who this 15-year-old is.

 Lauryn has roles in the upcoming television series, Amber; which airs on RTE later this month; a feature film called A Thousand Times Good Night, in which she stars alongside Juliette Binoche and Larry Mullen Jr; and a short film, Arabella, directed by Richard Scobie. All are scheduled to come out later this year. "I'm very nervous," Lauryn laughs. "It'll be very weird for me. Everything is already so weird. I'm kind of freaking out a bit, but it's cool, and I'm really excited, too."

Her acting career is a fluke.
"I've always been a drama queen," says the up-and-coming actress. "I've dipped in and out of classes, and I've been really into singing and musical theatre. I was actually auditioning for something else when I found the Amber audition. A week later, I was on set. It has all taken off from there."

She's just a normal teenager.
Drama is Lauryn's main interest. Other than collecting and practicing monologues, she likes food, music and is, she explains, duty-bound to throw school into the mix. "I like food -- eating is my main hobby," she says. "I love music and I just can't stop watching films. I'm completely into Breaking Bad -- so much so at the moment, that I can't think of anything else. School is a very big part of life, as well, but I'm generally bored. I go on Twitter, too, and that's all I do, really!"

She worships at the altar of Meryl.
"Meryl Streep is my ultimate inspiration," says Lauryn. "I'm obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence as well -- I just love her. Closer to home, Saoirse Ronan is brilliant. I'd love to work with her some time."

Youth was on her side.
Lauryn filmed the television series Amber when she was just 12, and it has taken three years for the nerves to catch up with her. "I didn't really look into it too much, and that's probably why it was good to do it at a young age," Lauryn says. "You don't realise what you're doing -- you just go and do it. But I think that if I was doing it now, I would have been a lot more nervous!"

Lauryn's family are her biggest fans.
"My family are amazing -- they're so supportive -- they're nearly too supportive!" Lauryn says. "They can't stop crying! My close friends, too, the ones who know what's going on, they're really proud as well."

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