Friday 15 December 2017

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Vivienne Connolly: A big fan of juice detox
Vivienne Connolly: A big fan of juice detox
Vivienne Connolly believes in making healthy choices a way of life
Vivienne Connolly with pal Glendaq Gilson after running the women's mini marathon last year.

It’s all about sustaining a healthy lifestyle for former model and actress Vivienne Connolly.

Now heading up ‘Transform with Viv’, the mum-of-two is on a mission to educate people about leading a healthy and wholesome life.

‘Transform with Viv’ is a three-day health and beauty retreat, designed to inform and educate people about nutrition, motivation and goal-setting.

“As I get older I realise how staying healthy is so important,” Vivienne told

“I lead a healthy lifestyle and I am never sick, staying fit and healthy is something I am very passionate about.

“My mother was always into health and mindfulness as well. My own interest in living a healthy lifestyle just progressed naturally,” she continued.

“I have been a huge fan of health and fitness for the last 20 years and I learned through my modelling and acting career that there are no easy shortcuts to being healthy.

“I don’t like the word ‘diet’ because it suggests we are depriving ourselves, which is counterproductive from the offset and setting us up for failure.”

Vivienne said the most difficult aspect is learning how to make a healthy lifestyle sustainable.

“There are huge statistics about obesity in children and adults, but the power is within ourselves to change it,” she said.

“It is easier when there is a community of people trying to achieve the same thing.

“When I gave up cigarettes, I did it with a community around me and a support network on Facebook.

“This is what people need. Without a support network, people can be vulnerable and slip back into their old ways.

“Our aim is to make it a way of life,” Vivienne continued.

“I choose to see it as a lifestyle choice, which I think is empowering as health and fitness leads to beauty from the inside out. It also gives us the power and choice over our every day decisions.”

The ‘TransformWithViv’ motto is to ‘make good choices today, makes tomorrow an easier day’.

Along with an expert team, the mission is to inform and educate clients.

During the weekend, there are workshops on nutrition, motivation and goal setting as well as a juice detox.

Retreat-goers train during the day and wind down in the evening with yoga and meditation.

“And for those that are worried about being hungry, we’ve considered this and took the advice of our nutrionist,” Vivienne said.

“Clients will be given two protein shakes a day to enable them to work out to the maximum, keep them full and aid their weight loss.”

The weekend also includes juicing demonstrations.

“Our first weekend is in the Hilton in Malahide,” Vivienne said, “with a view to taking it to sunnier climates.”

To get in touch, check out Transform with Viv on Facebook and their soon-to-be-launched website

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