Saturday 21 April 2018

What are the main holiday offenders?

Avoid white starchy carbs for a flat tummy.
Avoid white starchy carbs for a flat tummy.

Flying can cause a lot of people to retain fluid for a day or two after the flight, different people are affected in different ways! The good news is that you can help to avoid this by increasing your water intake before, during and after your flight.

If you avoid the lifts and escalators and walk, it will help too. You should be aiming to go to the toilet at least once on the plane too.


No matter where you are travelling to, the food is going to be different from what you have been eating.

From a flat stomach perspective, it is key to avoid the white starchy carbs.

So that means pasta/rice and white bread. These will bloat you out big time! Aim to avoid the creamy sauces/dressings and instead try to opt for tomato/oil-based as these will always be healthier.

You can stick to your one or two treat meals too – just try to combine them with a day that you have exercised.


Now most of us enjoy a drink to get into the holiday mood, it can often signal the start of the holiday. What you choose to drink can have a profound effect on your stomach and body in general.

Avoid the beer/lager/stouts as they are full of yeast and will generally be the worst offenders.

Cider is high in sugar, especially the mainstream ones. So that leaves you with two options, wine/champagne or spirits. These are generally the best to choose from as they won't effect you as badly. If you are having cocktails then just be careful as they can have serious quantities of sugar in them.

If you are out for a heavy night of drinking then you want to avoid the munchies the next day. Take a sachet of diarolyte in water before you go asleep and this will help to rehydrate the body before you wake it. This keeps the munchies at bay and will also help the headaches too.

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