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Gary Shore and Jonathan Loughran

Gary Shore and Jonathan Loughran

Gary Shore and Jonathan Loughran

gary shore (left) and jonathan loughran

County of origin: both Dublin

Gary and Jonathan run production company ArtCastle (Gary is from Artane; Jonathan from Castleknock). They met when Jonathan, then working for the Irish Film Board, championed a trailer Gary had created. Gary went on to sign the biggest first-time director deal in Ireland. He recently directed 'Dracula Untold', shot in Belfast with a budget of $100m.

Jonathan: "Gary created a trailer on a micro-budget for an original film called 'The Cup of Tears' in Slovenia. A friend sent it to me and I was blown away.

Only when I contacted Gary to say Warner Bros wanted to meet him did he tell me he had given up filmmaking!

He had enrolled to study fine art in St Martin's in London. By the time he flew over I was already fielding calls from huge producers and agents."

Gary: "I had just come from a shitty bedsit where I didn't even have a phone and all of a sudden Johnny had set up this chain reaction.

James Cameron asked me if I wanted to come in on post-production on 'Avatar'. We met producer Kathleen Kennedy and Stan Lee, and Colin Farrell talked to me about the feeding frenzy around agents. It was the quintessential Hollywood experience."

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