Sunday 25 February 2018

Video: Mark's baby mo meets Marty Whelan for some much needed tips for movember

Mark McConville

Mark McConville

I’m still struggling to grow a ‘manly’ ‘tache more than a week into the Movember experience, so I decided to get advice from the only man who seemed fit, Marty ‘The Best ‘Tache In Ireland’ Whelan.

The legend himself sat me down in the RTÉ studios and gave me advice (and a bit of stick too).

Aware of the handlebar ‘tache I was trying to achieve, he gave me a couple of tips on how to make it look thicker.

“Mark, have you heard of moustache wax?” he asked.

“I would recommend you give it a go to help give your moustache a thicker look. Or use miracle grow, but make sure you don’t swallow it!”

Marty Whelan has quite clearly never had a problem growing a mo’ himself.

“I grew one when I was 22 to look older for a job and haven’t got rid of it since,” he said.

“That was before you and probably your mother was born,” he added jokingly.

So, after a day with Marty and taking his tips on board, maybe this handlebar isn’t a lost cause after all.

All donations are going to the Irish Cancer Society, a great cause and if you would like to donate, click here.

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