Tuesday 23 October 2018

Top hairstylist combs South Africa in bid to trim salon staff shortage

Martha Kearns

A SHORTAGE of skilled hairstylists in Ireland has prompted Peter Mark to launch a recruitment drive in South Africa.

Advertisements from the Irish hairdressing company appeared in major newspapers in Cape Town and Johannesburg yesterday looking for senior stylists.

And a team from the company, which employs 1,500 people in 67 salons, will be travelling to talk to prospective employees in the two cities next month.

A spokesperson for Peter Mark in Ireland yesterday said there was a skills shortage in this country. "South Africa has a very advanced hairdressing industry and we have a number of South Africans working with us already. They also have worked in the type of salons that would be on a par with what we would do," she said.

Language was an important issue and all employees of Peter Mark would need to have a high standard of English, the spokeswoman said. "The stylists can be in no doubt of what the client wants," she said.

The large ads which appeared in newspapers, including the Cape Times, said the company was recruiting senior stylists who were "ready for the challenge and excitement of a lifestyle change" while obtaining European experience.

Work permits would be organised by the company for suitable applicants who would need to have at least three-years' experience as a senior stylist.

Caitriona Ferriter, Peter Mark human resources manager, said it was an exploratory exercise as there was not a surplus of professionally educated and trained hairstylists in Ireland.

However, she added that the company's preferred source of recruitment was through Fas which recruits around Ireland and Europe. The company did not have a shortage of staff at present but was always actively recruiting.

The ad describes the people they were looking for as skilled and knowledgeable in all areas of hairdressing, ready for the "challenge of a lifetime" and open to the opportunities available to them.

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