Thursday 22 March 2018

Time is money when servicing that rolex

Expensive watches aren't actually the best timekeepers, according to the experts.

And as well as shelling out several thousand to buy one, it will need regular servicing to keep it ticking over – costing up to €600 each time.

A €30 Casio watch will keep better time than a high-end €5,000 make because mechanical watches can never rival digital or quartz ones for accuracy, said Paul Broughan of Weirs.

Even those that don't require winding will have lots of moving parts inside, meaning they'll need adjustments over time to cope with the constant jarring from everyday wear.

"When you buy a mechanical watch, you're buying the workmanship inside, it's like buying haute couture clothing that's been handstitched – it's a different class of thing," he said.

Servicing costs €100 to €120 on average, or between €400 and €600 for a Rolex – though luckily they shouldn't need this more than once every five years, usually when you notice they're losing more time than usual.

Hartmanns of Galway said servicing a watch every five years meant it would be like new again, and it charged between €50 and €100 for a cheaper model, and between €300 and €500 for a Rolex.

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