Thursday 18 January 2018



Lucy Liu, actress, is 44. Britney Spears, pop singer, is 31. Nelly Furtado, singer who had a hit with I'm Like a Bird, is 34. Monica Seles, former world No 1 tennis player, is 39.


Brendan Fraser, actor, is 44. Julianne Moore, actress, is 52. Daryl Hannah, actress, is 52. Eamonn Holmes, TV presenter, is 53. Jean-Luc Godard, French film director, is 82. Samantha Fox, former Page 3 girl and pop singer, is 47. Mel Smith, comedian, is 60. Ozzy Osbourne, rocker, is 64.


Ronnie Corbett, comedian, is 82. Tyra Banks, TV presenter and model, is 39. Jay-Z, rapper, is 43. Marisa Tomei, actress, is 48. Jeff Bridges, actor, is 63. Paul McGrath, one of Ireland's greatest ever footballers, is 53. Terry Woods, musician and member of The Pogues, is 65. Chris Hillman, country-rock pioneer and founding member of The Byrds, is 68.


Ronnie O'Sullivan, snooker player, is 37. Jose Carreras, Spanish-born tenor, is 66. Little Richard, rock 'n' roll star of the Fifties, is 80. JJ Cale, singer -songwriter, is 74.


Dave Brubeck, jazz pianist, is 92. Rick Buckler, The Jam drummer, is 58. Peter Buck, REM guitarist, is 56. David Lovering, The Pixies drummer, is 51. Judd Apatow, film director, is 45. Gerry Francis, former England football captain and QPR and Tottenham manager, is 61. Steve Mahon, former Galway hurler, is 55. Maurice Hope, British former boxer, is 61. Alberto Contrador, Spanish cyclist and Tour de France winner, is 30.


Eli Wallach, veteran actor who starred in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and The Magnificent Seven, is 97. Ellen Burstyn, actress, is 80. Gary Morris, country singer, is 64. Nicole Appleton, All Saints singer, is 38. Noam Chomsky, professor of linguistics, is 84.

Tom Waits, American singer/ songwriter and actor, is 63. Michael Nolan, Bucks Fizz singer, is 58. John Terry, controversial Chelsea footballer, is 32. Damien Rice, singer/songwriter, is 39.


Sinead O'Connor, outspoken singer, is 46. James Galway, Belfast-born virtuoso flute player, is 73. Gregg Allman, singer/keyboardist of The Allman Brothers Band, is 65. Kim Basinger, actress, is 59. Teri Hatcher, actress who starred in Desperate Housewives, is 48. Bill Bryson, writer, is 61. Nicki Minaj, Trinidad-born rapper, is 30. Phil Collen, Def Leppard guitarist, is 55. Geoff Hurst, player who scored a hat-trick for England in the 1966 World Cup final, is 71. John Banville, Irish Booker-winning novelist, is 67.

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