Monday 21 January 2019

Thank the banks for really great villains

Will Hanafin

AS a nation, we take pleasure in moaning more than fans of sex lines so let's be thankful for our banking baddies.

Thanks to the volcano it's been a week-long grumble fest, but now that Eyjafjallajokull's settled down we need something else to keep us simmering.

That's where Richie Boucher, Sean FitzPatrick and Michael Fingleton come in -- and we can pronounce their names.

Ian Fleming couldn't have conjured up better textbook baddies. The bankers are so good at being bad they don't need silly props like cats and underground lairs.

It's classic stuff. There's "Fingers" Fingleton and the €221,000 he received for his last four months at Irish Nationwide, and Richie Boucher's pension pot that he eventually relinquished.

Most of us would admit that we're in two minds about our new kick-ass financial regulator Matthew Elderfield, because he's so bloody good.

If Matthew keeps up this work rate we'll have nobody to give out about.

Knowing us, we'll just start giving out about him for eliminating our beloved banking bad boys!

Will Hanafin

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