Friday 24 May 2019

Swift to adopt the gracious loser pose

2013 was the year of the redneck. So it stands to reason that in 2014 the world might begin to turn away from all things country – Garth Brooks queues notwithstanding. The first major instance of this might have been Taylor Swift losing out at the Grammys to Daft Punk for their album Random Access Memories. This album begins with the same letter as Taylor Swift's album Red which, as the announcement began, caused Taylor and her entire entourage to almost burst into wild celebration before quickly, and obviously, muting their applause to 'gracious loser' levels. Nobody was there to storm the stage, Kanye style, and say she was robbed. And she spent the rest of the show acting not bothered in an over-the-top, dancing-on-my-own kind of way when obviously she wanted to stand up and shout: "This is balls! Cancel the whole thing!" What are Grammys anyway but tacky little baubles which signify how crooked and artistically bereft the music industry is, she must have mused. Luckily she has a mansion full of them back home.

Of course Taylor is used to failure. After her many doomed relationships – all of which had catchy pop jingles, written by Taylor, to mark their demise – she will be used to life knocking the corners off her.

If they won't let her up there to stand and gush maybe she'll just come up with another way to let the record company know how grateful she is for them letting her write her own songs. We smell an album coming on.

Donal Lynch

Irish Independent

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