Monday 22 January 2018

So Over: Rewearing Oneupmanship



We get it. You're delighted that this is the fifth outing of that dress you bought for a wedding two years ago. But hasn't the badge of honour bestowed by competitively rewearing an item ad infinitum become a little tired? During the boom years, boutiques became practically an indigenous industry -- wouldn't it be a shame to let them completely go to the wall? Boutiques are the enemy of sartorial ubiquity and they facilitate one of life's great pleasures -- shopping for a new outfit. We're not suggesting a wear-once-and-discard policy. We're not insane. But, if you are rewearing, you also have to reimagine -- see stylist and TV presenter Lisa Fitzpatrick, right, who constantly reinvents key pieces in her wardrobe. A few tips to keep your wardrobe on the trot? Avoid dresses in favour of separates -- it is practically impossible to give a dress a new look. Always cast an eye in boutiques when you're shopping. You'll be surprised at the prices, and you stand a far greater chance of getting something that's a little more individual.

Irish Independent

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