Thursday 26 April 2018

So over: hipsters


Defining yourself by your facial hair was always going to be a bit of a mug's game. Now that the hipster trend has gone mainstream and slightly middle-aged, it has to stop. It was annoying enough when it was a few twentysomethings being self-consciously trendy. Now grown-up adults are getting on board. Stop boring us with your last Nordic meal, or sending us your latest blog post, in which you extol the joys of your organic, pop-up lifestyle. A life lived virtually in costume, as someone you're not, isn't cool. Life lived for show? Real cool is not trying. It's detachment, not attachment. It especially isn't an attachment to ridiculous facial hair or a pair of glasses that no one believes you actually need for 20-20 vision. In fact, reality is the new cool – see the wildly successful, ultra-hip, but adamantly normal, non-hipster Hewson girls, Eve, above left, and Jordan, above right. Hipsters, your life is not art. At best, it's a poor imitation of an American Apparel ad.

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