Wednesday 21 March 2018

Rory and Caroline's John and Yoko moment

LOVESTRUCK Rory McIlroy upset the purists at this week's US Masters but brought cheer to work/life balance advocates.

People are concerned about his golfing form, and his decision to let girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki do some caddying for him is raising more eyebrows.

Fans have been worried that his switch to new Nike clubs earlier this year affected his form – and worry that bringing his partner to work may not be the best either.

Caroline sported the white boiler suit and green hat to caddie in the Masters par-3 contest, which traditionally takes place before the main event at Augusta National.

Rory also gave the world-ranking tennis player the chance to swing off the tee, and she hit it into the water.

This is all very John and Yoko. Instead of rejoicing in the cuteness of young love, golf anoraks are worried that Caroline has damaged his performance.

By letting her slice shots as well, it's like when John Lennon allowed Yoko Ono to duet with him. Shrieking cats would have done better!

What next? Rory as a ball boy at Wimbledon?

It could be his main gig soon if the purists are to be believed.

Will Hanafin

Irish Independent

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