Monday 16 September 2019

Robbie Williams

Like all the best Aquarians, Mr Robert Williams is kooky, eccentric and a law unto himself. He knows when to keep his secrets and shuns the limelight just as much as he courts it.

Things have to happen on his terms, or else they don't happen at all. Aquarians love to live life as they feel it and will not kowtow to anyone else's way of doing things. Because of this, they can be difficult to get up close and personal to, unless you agree with them to the hilt.

When these characters are in open and helpful mode, their counsel is second to none. Aquarians are the zodiac's great visionaries and their advice is pertinent and wise. Old heads on young shoulders, Aquarians often wonder what on earth they are doing on the planet and boredom is certainly their bug bear.

The water-bearer carries the wisdom of ages within, and their intuitive sense of what is going to happen and when is pretty unbeatable. This air sign acts like a magnet, which can repel and attract in equal measure.

As for Mr Williams, he needs to get his act together. Despite the current fad for reunions in the music business, don't expect this lad to be building bridges with Take That any time soon. Though Rob remains firm friends with Mark Owens, he is not about to jump back into the recording studio with the collective whole.

Robbie does things his way or it is the highway. I suspect he will brave his own tour again before he ever takes the stage with Gary Barlow. Stranger things and all that -- this lad is nothing if not quirky.

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