Tuesday 23 January 2018

Restaurant Roulette – How checking your smartphone could land you with the bill

We have all been there. Sitting at a table in a restaurant with dining companions who just will not put down their smartphones.

While you are talking about work, romance, or trying to get in a bit of gossip, they are skimming their Twitter feed or googling different types of cheese they've just seen on the menu.

It can be incredibly irritating. But a new game, something of a craze among diners in New York and London, aims to punish those with a Twitter addiction and reward their less compulsive companions.

Known as "Restaurant Roulette" or "The Phone Stack" – the game requires everybody sitting down to lunch or dinner to put their smartphone (on silent) in a stack at the side of the table.

Increasingly popular amongst businessmen in particular, the rules are simple. The first person to crack and pick up their phone – during the meal – gets stuck with the bill for the whole table.

As a way of punishing bad behaviour in social settings, it's pure evil genius.

Irish Independent

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