Friday 24 January 2020

Patricia Weston: ‘I feel I have helped many people simply by coming out of the broom closet’

Career change: Patricia Weston used a job loss as an opportunity to explore
her spiritual path
Career change: Patricia Weston used a job loss as an opportunity to explore her spiritual path

Andrea Smith

Patricia Weston (38) is from Lusk and now lives in Skerries, Co Dublin, with her husband and son Wyatt (five). She has a master's degree in English, and also studied journalism. She was a freelance journalist with the 'Irish Times' for a few years, and now works as a clairvoyant medium, reiki master healer, tarot-card reader, hypnotherapist and past-life regression therapist

I had an affinity with witchcraft from a very early age, and always knew I was a witch. This was confirmed during my studies as a past-life therapist, when I regressed under hypnosis and discovered I was a healer and witch in many previous lifetimes.

After I had my son in 2007, the draw to explore my spiritual path became very strong, and after I was let go from the 'Irish Times' due to cutbacks, I felt free to discover my path even further. I took psychic development classes and completed a diploma in counselling and psychotherapy to gain a greater understanding of the unconscious mind.

Being a witch for me is my spiritual path. I am a solitary witch; I don't belong to a coven. I simply follow the 'old ways', which involve observing the moon phases or esbats and the sabbats or festivals of the year, such as Lughnasa and Samhain.

There is no particular set of rules to follow except positive intentions, respect the earth and those who inhabit it, and harm no one – the ancient Wiccan rede cites: 'An it harm none, Do what you will'.

I run Wicca gatherings monthly for anyone who has an interest in the area, and to break down the ignorance surrounding Wicca and witchcraft. We have a healing meditation, cast a full moon spell and then sit in circle. It's not a coven, it's a group of people who come together for healing.

I cast spells only for myself, and work with herbs and oils. The spiritual path of witchcraft is all about empowering yourself and standing in your own power, so we are constantly healing and working on ourselves. Spells are a way of improving personal power. So if I needed extra money to pay a bill I'd cast a spell, or if I needed healing to build my confidence or create harmony in my home.

All spells are cast according to the phases of the moon – for example, a spell for manifestation is cast on a full moon, and if you needed to rid yourself of negative energy, you'd cast your spell when the moon is waning or moving out of the full moon phase.

I work from the 'Witch's House', a seven-sided building with a pointed roof beside my house, where I cast spells, meditate, run my monthly Wicca gatherings and do healings and readings. It's filled with the healing energy of angels. The positive energy has built up over the past few years, making it a very magical and healing place.

I have a black cat for protection and a witch's broom to sweep away negativity. I like to wear a lot of black and purple, and I wear crystals for their powerful energy.

I feel very confident and protected and surrounded by the angels and ancient ones as I follow this beautiful path. It's wonderfully reassuring, positive and healing, and I feel I have helped many people simply by coming out of the broom closet.

We are a nation that now, more than ever, needs to embrace our spirituality, and people are becoming drawn to a spiritual path such as Wicca that has no negative intentions and is full of the wisdom of angels.

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