Monday 11 December 2017

New weigh of life for bootcampers

Karl Henry
Karl Henry
Joanne Sweeney Burke
Aine Hayes
Una Duffy
Geraldine Sinnott
Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith

Success has come early for the delighted Kevin and Simon, says Andrea Smith

After the mixed results at the scales last week, many of our bootcampers came to the conclusion that they needed to increase the intensity when it came to exercise this week. And the work paid off, because while the group members are hoping to lose 14 pounds and 14 inches each on the Slim Solutions Bootcamp this month, two of them actually achieved it this week. Well done to Kevin Scanlon and Simon Kennedy on a great result.

"Over the course of the 29 days, the bootcampers were doing cardiovascular exercise, such as walking and running, combined with resistance exercise," says our health and fitness expert Karl Henry. "I think you ideally need to do both together to get the best results, as you are working all aspects of the body in many different ways. This combination, linked with a healthy low GI diet, is what has given such great results over the past three weeks. This plan is built for long-term health, and giving you the quick start you need to get the changes you're looking for. Quick fixes don't work in the long-term, and that's why I'm so passionate about what I do."

Total weight lost this week: 31.5lbs

Total weight loss to date: 115lbs

This week our bootcampers were learning how to exercise more effectively

Ensure you are working hard enough, no matter what form of exercise you are doing. You can measure this by using the "talk test", making sure that you are slightly out of breath but still able to hold a conversation.

This ensures that you are burning the right type of fuel and getting the maximum benefits possible.

Change what you are doing as often as possible. The body reacts to change, so change your weight, your routine, your speed or time, and watch the difference it makes.

Resistance training gives you the best benefits, so don't leave it out. It helps to tone and shape the body as well as promoting lean muscle tissue, which is always good.


Joanne Sweeney Burke

Joanne Sweeney Burke (35)

Barna, Co Galway

Height: 5ft 1in


Starting Weight: 11st 7.5lbs

Weight Loss Week three: 2.5lbs

Total Weight Loss: 9.5lbs

Family: Husband Tom, daughter Sophie (18) and son Bobby (4)

Occupation: Owner of Media Box

Progress: "They say you need three weeks to break a habit, and this week was hard because I wanted to do well after the disappointment of last week. I had a lot of long days and long drives for work, so I had to be careful to maintain the good habits and not stop at a garage to grab something to keep me going. I also started uphill running this week to get the heart going."


Aine Hayes


Aine Hayes (30)

Cashel, Co Tipperary

Height: 5ft 3in

Starting Weight: 11st

Weight Loss Week Three: 4lbs

Total Weight Loss: 9.5lbs

Family: Husband Alan and three-month-old daughter Amy Rose

Occupation: Quality engineer

Progress: "I have always walked every day, even on the day my waters broke, so after only losing a pound last week I realised that I needed to up on the exercise. I left the baby with her grandparents and started jogging, and I think that made a difference at the scales. I follow the plan rigidly and I enjoy the meals -- once you have the ingredients in, the recipes are all very quick to make."

Una Duffy


Una Duffy (31)

Castleblayney, Co Monaghan

Height: 5ft 7in

Starting Weight: 13st 13lbs

Weight Loss Week Three: 2.5lbs

Total Weight Loss: 9.5lbs

Family: Fiance Peter

Occupation: Accountant

Progress: "The programme has definitely got harder and you really have to put the work in to get the results out. I feel that I'm giving my workouts 110pc now and have increased the intensity levels. Karl's advice has stuck in my head, and I know I'll be leaving this programme with a totally different mindset around food and exercise."


Geraldine Sinnott

Geraldine Sinnott (49)

Enniscorthy, Co Wexford

Height: 5ft 4in

Starting Weight: 14st 7.5lbs

Weight Loss Week three: 2lbs

Total Weight Loss: 12lbs

Family: Husband John, children Colm, Shauna and Kevin

Occupation: Sales office official

Progress: "I found a few of the days hard this week, even though I didn't go wild, but the fact that the weather was colder didn't really help when it came to exercise. I'm seeing a difference in my shape now, as my waist looks like it's coming back, and I'm definitely feeling it in my clothes, which is a great boost for me."


Martha Kennedy



Martha Kennedy (54)

Navan, Co Meath

Height: 5ft 4in

Starting Weight: 12st 6lbs

Weight Loss Week Three: 2lbs

Total Weight Loss: 9lbs

Family: Husband Simon, daughter Karen (27) and son Simon (22)

Occupation: Housewife

Progress: "The programme is definitely getting harder by the week, because we're repeating the meals now so I have to think about how to make them different. I know I'll struggle to lose five pounds this coming week, but if I lost 12lbs overall, it would be fantastic for my frame and I really would be over the moon. My husband, Simon, has done amazingly well and I'm delighted for him."


Simon Kennedy

Simon Kennedy (53)

Navan, Co Meath

Height: 6ft 3in

Starting Weight: 18st 9lbs

Weight Loss Week Three: 3.5lbs

Total Weight Loss: 16lbs

Family: Wife Martha, daughter Karen (27) and son Simon (22)

Occupation: Manager at Parc Aviation

Progress: "I thought Martha and I were already doing a lot of training, but I've never felt as sore in my life as I did after the last bootcamp! I was looking to reduce my stomach, but friends say my face and neck have also got slimmer, which is great. I got into 38-inch waist trousers this week, so the inches are literally falling off me. I was delighted that more than a stone's gone this week."


Lisa Wright (44)


Height: 5ft 8ins

Starting Weight: 14st 4lbs

Weight Loss Week Two: 4lbs Total Weight Loss: 11.5lbs

Family: Husband Patrick,children Alex (13), Natasha (12), Max (10) and Christopher (9).

Occupation: Student services manager at Kilroy's College

Progress: "I'm much happier with my weight loss this week. I've completely cut out all alcohol, which has really helped me with my goals. I'm hoping to lose another three pounds this week. My husband, Patrick, is doing the programme along with me, but I don't want to know what he's lost, because the last time we went on a diet together he ended up losing more than I did and I got really demoralised."



Siobhan Lennon (45)


HEIGHT: 5ft 2in

Starting Weight: 9st 2lbs

Weight Loss Week Three: 0lbs

Total Weight Loss: 6lbs

Family: Husband Frank and daughters Clodagh (8) and Aine (6)

Occupation: Has just left position in a local pharmacy.

Progress: "I was distraught this week as I didn't lose anything, even though I stuck to the programme, but Karl said to keep at it. It's more about toning up and losing inches for me anyway. I actually started running last week, which I haven't done for years, but it's surprising how quickly your body responds. I'm enjoying it all and I'll be very sorry when the programme ends."



Frank McDonnell (60)

Leixlip, co kildare

Height: 6ft

Starting Weight: 15st 10lbs

Weight Loss Week Three: 2lbs

Total Weight Loss: 9lbs

Family: Wife Margaret, daughter Carol and son David

Occupation: Self-employed owner of cold store business

Progress: "I'm a little disappointed at the result on the scales as I put a huge amount of effort in this week. I'm definitely beginning to see the difference, as I wear a bracelet watch and when that gets loose, I know something is happening. So now the pressure is on for the final week to shift the last five pounds -- it's a huge challenge, but I haven't walked away from a challenge yet."



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