Monday 19 August 2019

NEThics and NETiquette

Tanya Sweeney

Ciaran McMahon's tips

Research would say that people should allow an hour, if not two hours, of no screen before bedtime. The light going into your eyes, brain and neurology will keep your brain in a heightened state of arousal for a while afterwards: if you go to bed at 11pm, come off laptops, phones and tablets at 9pm.

'On the seventh day, rest' has been in our civilisation a long time, so it's a good idea to 'go dark' every once in a while and take a break from being online. It's a good idea to reconnect with things and people that aren't necessarily online.

Kim Kardashian once said that when she got depressed, she would stop Googling herself, and this isn't just one for Kim Kardashian.

Track where your photos are going, which you can do by logging onto If you put up a photo of someone else, or especially of someone else's child, make sure that you have asked that person's permission that the picture be online. With facial recognition technology becoming more sophisticated, you have no idea where that image will go.

Be aware of the terms & conditions and privacy policies on sites, which change constantly. Be aware that you're essentially giving that information to a company.

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