Thursday 14 December 2017

My dental health plan

1 Neutralise the mouth: Ultradex. Using a pre-rinse means you don't brush on teeth softened by acidic food. Ultradex contains chlorine dioxide, which has been proven to remove bacteria.

2 After brushing teeth: Listerine Original. The original version has the best results in clinical trials. This has provoked controversy because of a potential link between mouthwashes containing alcohol and oral cancer, but the American Dental Association has declared that there is no evidence to support this fear.

3 Final fluoride rinse: Fluorigard or similar fluoride rinses are proven to help strengthen and repair teeth, especially if used last thing at night.

4 Look for 100pc xylitol. Sweets such as Smints and many popular gums that contain xylitol are not suitable, as their xylitol content is diluted by other sweeteners. Only Peppersmith makes mints and gum sweetened with pure xylitol on the high street, but you can find lots of alternatives on the internet. (Peppersmith peppermint chewing gum, £1.42,

Also, packs of granulated xylitol can be found in the sugar aisle of most big supermarkets. An effective dose is about 6g a day. It's safe even at much higher doses, but you might find that it has a slight laxative effect.

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