Tuesday 16 January 2018

More twists with Lisa and Gerald

I'm expecting the Pulitzer Prize – nay, the Nobel Peace Prize – for this one. Breaking news of national importance. Gerald Kean and Lisa Murphy have spent another night together. That's three since the break-up. Actually, this story is taking on as many turns and arabesques as Mary and Matthew in Downton Abbey.

Maybe it's more prosaic – maybe the pair are finding that breaking up is so very hard to do.

You all recall (don't you?) – as I told you last week – that Lisa spent the 23rd and part of December 24th with her former fiance at Drayton Manor, his mansion in Wicklow.

Sitting comfortably? Well, the beautiful blonde also spent January 2 there with the man who, until their November break-up, she was engaged to be married to.

This story is not going to go away. So I asked Gerald why Lisa spent another night at Drayton Manor on January 2. But – hey, this story is full of surprises– the mouthy attorney became positively sphinxlike.

"I can't comment on that. Ask her that," he said. "Was there a possibility of a reconciliation?" he asked himself rhetorically. "You never know. That's the honest answer. There was all sorts of possibilities, I suppose."

But why was she there three nights then?

"I don't know. She called over." Well, either the meetings were planned or Lisa was incredibly lucky. Because Gerald seems to be rarely home. On Thursday, he was in Birmingham for a celebration dinner party for his friend Gordon Strachan, who was appointed manager of the Scotland football team last week. On Friday early evening, he was at an awards ceremony in Cork for Penny Dinners. He travelled back for dinner on Friday night in Shanahans.

Last night, he was expected in Ouzos Bar & Grill in Blackrock with his friend and Ouzos owner Padraic Hanley. Today he is going to the premiere of Daniel Day-Lewis's film Lincoln and afterwards to the dinner at Burlington. Tomorrow he is going to a drinks reception at Ann-Marie Nohl's restaurant Le Rouge in Cabinteely village. And Tuesday he is back in Cork for another charity event.

But, hey, if you hear of another Drayton Manor heart-to-heart, don't be surprised.

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