Saturday 16 December 2017

Miniskirt mums -- who will dare to bare?

Mums in Minis: Mutton dressed as lamb or MILF? We asked two stylish Irish women to decide.

High-flying Sonia Harris (28), reveals she's already reconsidering her hemlines. She runs her own company, Harris Public Relations -- but believes there is such a thing as bad exposure when it comes to pins past their prime.

"The miniskirt is an iconic piece of fashion synonymous with model Twiggy in the sixties. But even she knows where to draw the hemline at this stage in her life! I'm a huge fan of the miniskirt and have amassed quite a collection. But I'm afraid my miniskirt days are numbered. In my early twenties, I wouldn't have thought twice about teaming bare legs with high heels and a skimpy top. These days I'm more into knee-length, mid-calf and pencil skirts.

"When I do wear a mini, it's in an appropriate situation such as a night out with the girls -- and even then my legs are covered in 100 denier tights! It's true that older fans like Sharon Stone still look great -- just not graceful. I think a woman's wardrobe should grow with age.

"Nicole Kidman looks so beautiful in full-length gowns, it seems unnecessary for her to wear a mini.

"Madonna is definitely the worst for not dressing her age. Her outfits have been getting shorter and shorter over the past few years. Even with the luxury of personal trainers, it still looks wrong! How old is too old for a mini? That's up to the individual -- but all of mine will be in the bin long before I'm 50!"

The thigh's the limit for Lynda Kealy-Dunne (46), Marketing Manager of L'Oréal Professional Ireland.

The glam Mam from Dublin doesn't skirt the issue of age -- but insists she'll rock the mini all the way to the retirement home.

"Over the hill? I'm still climbing the mountain! I may be on the wrong side of 40, but in my head I still feel 20 -- and I refuse to give in to the notion that after a certain age women should succumb to the blouse and dirndl skirt.

"I have taken care of my figure since having my daughters. As young women, they are very proud of their trendy but not 'mutton as lamb' mum. I have been wearing short skirts since I was 16, when I first realised that as a 5' 9" slim and boobless woman my only asset was my long legs. In 2001, I sorted the boob problem with a small enhancement.

"However, I've always believed that when trying to be sexy you should only show off one thing at a time. So although I finally have boobs, I still have long legs to show off -- they're the only part which hasn't gravitated south!

"I love my minis. With the exception of evening wear, every skirt and dress in my wardrobe is short. I wear them with confidence, accessorising with knee-high boots and opaque tights. Will I feel the same way at 50? Absolutely! Until the day I pop my clogs, I aim to be the MILF my daughters' friends say I am."

Irish Independent

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