Monday 20 November 2017

Me, catty? You must be joking, says Andrea

Model and Miss Universe Ireland organiser Andrea Roche has said a remark she made onstage to the new VIP Most Stylish Woman, Lorraine Keane, was taken up wrongly.

As she handed over her title from last year to Lorraine, Andrea said: "At least Xposé will interview this year's winner!"

Most people in attendance at the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards in the Shelbourne Hotel took it as a catty comment, assuming the former Miss Ireland was sore about not being featured on the show when she won last year. But Andrea has declared: "It was a joke that was taken up wrongly. Xposé have always been good to me and I know they used me for snips advertising the show.

"I also think that Lorraine deserved to win the title. I was being ironic when I said that Lorraine would definitely be featured on Xposé. I was actually on it when I won last year."

"There was no malice at all in my remark. Seeing as I'm featured on Ireland AM every week, I'd hardly be slagging off the station, would I?"

And Lorraine Keane confirmed that Andrea had actually been featured on Xposé last year after the VIP awards.

"Maybe she feels she should be on our show more often, but she is a regular on Ireland AM after all," she said.

And Lorraine said that after being entered for the award for the past eight years, she was thrilled to finally win it.

"It's really special to me because it's hard being glamourous on Xposé five evenings a week. It's hard being glam and can even give you sleepless nights. It's head-to-toe grooming every day."

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