Sunday 10 December 2017

Laragh's exotic delights there for all to see

"Growing up in Indian ashrams, travelling the Old Silk Road and living in Norway's most remote and beautiful spots, those things are my inspiration," Laragh Stuart tells me.

The daughter of sculptor Ian Stuart (possibly the most heroically attractive man I've met), Laragh and her sisters, Suki and Sophia, certainly had magical, memorable, peripatetic childhoods. And it is the desire to recapture the remarkable sights and smells from those exotic landscapes that has prompted Laragh and Suki to start a blog showcasing their respective, highly complementary talents.

Laragh started Laragh Stuart Foods when she was barely in her 20s, while sister Suki, who used to be married to Hothouse Flower Fiachna O Braonain and lives in France these days with sculptor Laurent Mellet and their two children, is a photographer with remarkable aesthetic and artistic sense.

Despite the limitations of distance, the sisters have been hard at work putting their idea together.

Laragh has been spending time in France working with Suki on the project. "Simple, beautiful ingredients coming out of the earth and onto the plate," is how Laragh describes the ethos, admitting though that she can't resist trying out the kind of exotic combinations suggested by her childhood; think Swedish, but with Asian influences.

Laragh adds: "I'll be spending Christmas at home in the Wicklow hills with my sons, Milo and Lucian, but after that, it's straight back to France for 10 days to finish everything off. "We'll have the site up by the end of January."

Having seen some of the photos already, I can tell you, the blog will add immeasurably to the lives of all lovers of food and beautiful things.

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