Saturday 17 February 2018

'Kids these days are so good with technology'

Norma Kavanagh with her daughter Katie.
Norma Kavanagh with her daughter Katie.

Katie Kavanagh (6), from Palmerstown in Dublin, has asked Santa to bring her a tablet this Christmas. Her mum Norma said she first got the notion from her four-year-old nephew Killian who uses his brother's iPad to play games.

She said Katie is "six going on 16", but she is also a "child who does not sit easy" and is always on the go.

So her parents are hoping the tablet might encourage her to chill a little, play some games and give them a well-earned rest.

Norma and husband Derek were already planning to get her a bicycle and thought the tablet would be a good contrast.

Norma has done her research and did not want to spend a fortune, while still getting the maximum value out of the tablet. "I wanted one that she can use safely but we can use in the evenings, for Facebook, YouTube, emails or whatever."

Norma thinks that the best option for their family is a tablet that can be unlocked, allowing full access to the internet, after Katie is in bed.

"I know that she will get bored of it in a couple of months, especially come March when she can play out on the road again. And we only have one laptop in the house.

"I've been told that with some of the cheaper ones, the screen breaks really easily," she added.

Norma has budgeted for about €80 to €100 and is planning to choose a machine with a rubberised case.

"All she keeps saying at the moment is that she can't wait to start playing the games, but I am hoping that she will go back to it as she gets older.

"It is an investment. Kids these days are unreal, they are so good with technology."

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