Thursday 21 February 2019

It's time we let off steam

Pat Fitzpatrick

What ever happened to Irish anger? The rest of Europe is going through austerity measures that, next to ours, look like a weekend spa break with dinner on both nights and free use of the serenity pool.

And they're hopping mad. Meanwhile, the best we can manage is an "angry" man driving up to Dail Eireann at 7am and carefully parking his truck in front of the gates. Take that, he hopefully didn't shout. It's surprising he didn't hop out and put some money in a parking meter.

This is contrary to our national character. We're usually more like the red-faced GAA fan, trying to call the referee the F-word and the C-word at the same time and ending up sounding like a Tasmanian devil with piles.

There's something a bit off about us, as if we didn't get enough sleep and have a slight hangover. Why do you think we got such a good laugh out of Brian Cowen on the radio?

Why are we bottling up our anger? Are we afraid that the international bond markets will raise our interest rates if we start getting a bit bolshie? Okay, so we won't be able to pay back those loans at the higher rate, but then we can't pay them back at the current rate, so why worry.

We need to find a way to let off some national steam. The man in the truck might have been polite, but he had the right idea. Let's have a day of national demolition. Every family will get their own truck and a designated house in a ghost estate. There's plenty to go around. Then just drive your truck through the house. Will it solve anything? No. Will it make us all feel a bit better? Oh, yes.

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