Friday 19 January 2018

'I spent €3,000 to save my Great Dane – and I have no regrets'

Legal secretary Nadine Walsh (32) from Mullingar, Co Westmeath, went to great lengths for her Great Dane, Wilson.

"Last year, Wilson was diagnosed with bloat – a condition where the stomach twists at both ends and traps air, causing the stomach to balloon.

"Usually it's fatal. But thanks to the life-saving surgery performed by Auburn Veterinary Surgery, my big, 15-stone boy Wilson survived.

"No easy feat for a practice used to small animals!

"It wasn't easy. We had to move him from the vet's to UCD with my dad driving his van like an ambulance, but there he was monitored 24/7 and nursed back to health.

"All in all, between the surgery, after-care, prescribed diet and medications, it cost round €3,000, but I'm eternally grateful that treatment was available and have no regrets spending it."

Irish Independent

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