Tuesday 24 October 2017

'I see it as simply part of good grooming'

Peter Hosford

It's not only women getting Botox, some Irish men are using it as well.

The effect is to make you look like you've just come back from a really nice holiday or had a fantastic night's sleep, said Peter Hosford from Dublin.

Peter, who's now 48, said he's been having Botox (or similar) injections since he was 35 and considers it simply a part of general maintenance like dying your hair.

"It's not like going under the knife, it erases the lines very naturally and you just look fresher," he said.

Initially he was getting the treatments done in Dublin, but with four-month repeat visits he found it too expensive and switched to getting it done in Newry four years ago, on the recommendation of a friend.

He said that while he'd experienced a little mild bruising around the eyes when he got the treatment from a doctor in Dublin, this had never been the case when he'd got it done by a nurse at the Hylagen Clinic in Newry, which uses Azzalure.

"It's an hour door-to-door and it's definitely worth it for the savings – you pay €250 or €300 in Dublin for one area of the face, whereas you'd get three areas done in Newry for that price," he said.

Peter said that, as a nurse manager himself, he had attended a seminar on medicinal Botox use, and the dosage used for cosmetic purposes was only a fraction of that used to treat conditions such as cerebral palsy.

"There's still a bit of a taboo about it with a lot of people, but I see it as part of good grooming and looking after yourself, so I'd be very open about it," he said.

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