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'I find it amazing how many things are FREE in Dublin'

Italian native Guiliana Rocca has been based in Ireland since 2006 and lives in Dublin city centre and regularly seeks out both free and paid entertainment.

"I find it amazing how many things Dublin offers people to do for free," she says. "But what surprises me more is the number of people who are often unaware of so many things going on in the city."

Her main source of information is the Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events) email newsletter, which is produced by adopted Dubliner Joerg Steegmueller, and includes his personal picks.

Using the guide, she has managed to take in several memorable events over the last year without paying a cent, including the Fringe Festival opening in Collins Barracks; the Open House day, when you could visit several historical Dublin buildings; some shows from the Ulster Bank Theatre Festival, and many others.

"I'd say that in a typical week I would go out for one or two events, and so if they are free, I would be saving, let's say, around €50 per week."

The last paid event she attended was the Gate Theatre's production of Jane Eyre, for which she paid €25.

"I like theatre a lot so the price was probably fair." But to get more value she would like to see a discounted multi-theatre season ticket that would allow her to take in plays at several different venues.

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