Saturday 17 February 2018

How a raw food diet changed my life

Andrea Baines: Four years on a raw food diet and feeling more energised than in her 20s.
Andrea Baines: Four years on a raw food diet and feeling more energised than in her 20s.

Andrea Baines

Now in my forties, I feel healthier than I did in my twenties.

It all started 4 years ago when I tasted my first “raw” chocolate cake. 

It didn’t contain any of the usual refined sugars, dairy, eggs or wheat and it wasn’t baked. 

Yes, I know this could be messing with your head right now but, believe me, it was the most luscious chocolate cake I had ever tasted.

But my passion for raw foods springs from my own personal health transformation. 

Soon after I began to eat raw foods I experienced some powerful physical changes.  My energy levels increased and I was able to eradicate an underactive thyroid, chronic acne rosacea and menstrual pain from my life completely. 

I also stopped all medications and pain killers.

The Raw Food “Diet” is essentially vegetarian, made up of whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that are never heated over a certain temperature.  This prevents the molecular structure being altered and all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes are left pretty much intact. 

All those powerful plant phyto-nutrients can then be used by the body to replenish the cells and the body begins to heal naturally.

Now, I know some of you might be grimacing at the thought of eating raw food, but raw foods don’t always have to be cold and can be prepared in the most delicious ways.  Typically I would drink a big green smoothie or juice for breakfast, lunch could be a large rainbow salad with sunflower seed paté, and dinner might be a warm bowl of creamy Thai Green soup.  You can even make pizza and ice-cream!  I actually eat less than I used to because I feel more satiated and experience less cravings.

During the winter my diet would include 75 to 80% raw foods, but much more in the summertime.  The rest of my diet would be cooked, but as healthy as possible.  I try to be a little more flexible when eating out and just do the best I can, or be a bit choosier about where I eat. 

Most of my friends and family are very supportive, and have in fact now adopted some of the same eating habits.  Whenever I get invited somewhere for dinner I usually bring along a raw dessert, such as Banoffee Pie or “Cheese” cake, which invariably turns out to be a great way to introduce new people to raw foods, without shoving it down their throats, so to speak!  No pun intended.

The Raw Food “movement” is really a lifestyle choice, rather than the latest diet fad.  It has been around for several decades and has many long-term pioneers.  And as it begins to cross the bridge over to the mainstream we are seeing many celebs eating this way, including Pierce Brosnan, Susan Sarandan, Demi Moore, Sting and Cher.  Even Jamie Oliver blogged on his own raw chocolate cake recipe recently.

choc ckake.JPG



Discovering this lifestyle has been a powerful journey that has brought me so much joy and energy, and I have finally found my passion in life for teaching others how to easily transition onto raw foods.



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