Monday 23 October 2017

week 2 BACK TO THE Gym

Glute Bridge on swiss ball

The Sidewinder
The Sidewinder
Oblique back extension on bosu
Glute bridge on Swiss ball

Siobhan Byrne

1/ Start by lying on your back with your heels on the Swiss ball and your arms straight by your side.

2/ Raise your hips up in a bridge position and off the floor, forming a straight line, and hold briefly before returning to start position and repeating.


1/ Start in a slightly bent over position, with your knees slightly bent but your back flat, holding a kettlebell with both hands.

2/ Gently swing the kettlebell to one side, up towards shoulder-height twisting your torso at your obliques, and gently swing it back to the other side, repeating the movement.





1/ Start by laying down with your abs over the Bosu and your hands at the side of your head. Keep your legs straight with your toes touching the ground, balancing you.

2/ Lift your chest up and off the Bosu, twisting the body to one side. Lower back down to start position and repeat on the other side.

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