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Sunday 25 February 2018

Trending Diets

From Juicing to Paelo, the diets everyone is talking about right now.

The Fast Diet was a massive hit for 2013, and already there are new diets causing a stir with promises to shed pounds in weeks.  Here is the top five that are trending already this year.



The 5:2 plan has become the talk of weight-loss nationwide and so the trend continues into 2014, with a plethora of books out in January exploring the theme. IF, as it's known, is based on the theory that you can eat pretty much what you like for five days and then fast for two to achieve the weight loss you want.

New, tasty recipes designed to make fasting easier are featured in Jacqueline Whitehart's The Complete 5:2 Cookbook (HarperCollins, £7.99). Variations on the theme include The Every Other Day Diet by Dr Krista Varady and Bill Gottlieb (Hodder & Stoughton, £13.99, January 2), who claim that 500 calories is the perfect and safe intake for Diet Day, which is always followed by Feast Day, when you can eat what you want and still lose weight.

There's also 5:2 Vegetarian by gastronome Celia Brooks (Pavilion, £9.99), in which the IF convert, who lost 20lbs in four months, offers a feast of veggie fasting recipes for non-meat-eaters.





There are two big books hitting the shops this week which are likely to fly off the shelves. One is The Reboot With Joe Juice Diet (Hodder & Stoughton, £9.99) in which Joe Cross shows you how to power up your system through juicing. The other is that of Jason Vale, juice master to the stars, whose bestselling book 7lbs In 7 Days is being boosted with another guide, 5lbs In 5 Days (HarperCollins, £9.99,), in which he introduces a new programme to reshape and reinvigorate your body in five days. Lose the weight you've always dreamed of without restricting what you can eat or drink at the weekend.





We've read so much over the years about cutting out saturated fat and lowering our carb intake, well now it's the turn of sugar to take some flak. A new book, The Sugar Detox, by Brooke Alpert & Dr Patricia Farris (Bantam, £8.99, January 2) claims that the white stuff not only causes obesity but is also linked to other serious health conditions including poor brain development in children, cataracts and even Alzheimer's. The diet, developed by a nutritionist and dermatologist, involves a three-day detox to rid your system of sugar and a three-day skin fix to help you look and feel great. A four-week eating plan with recipes aims to help you lose - and keep off - unwanted pounds.


In another quest to cut out sugar, The Honey Diet by nutritionist Mike McInnes (Coronet, £13.99, January 2) aims to replace sugar with honey to help you lose weight, sleep better, think more clearly and restore the immune system. His research has found that honey is absorbed by the body in a different way to sugar, helping to reduce your craving for 'bad' sugars during the day and to burn off excess weight at night.





Also known as the 'Caveman Diet' and favoured by the likes of Ray Mears, Megan Fox and Miley Cyrus, the main rule of thumb with this one is to eat the foods the human body has evolved to eat, as our Paleolithic, hunter-gatherer ancestors did.

It's full of specific foods - meat, fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits and roots. It won't allow highly processed foods such as sugar, refined fats and dairy (unless raw). No calorie counting either.

Titles covering this include The Paleo Diet by Daniel Green (Kyle, £14.99, January 16), The Paleo Diet Made Easy, by Joy Skipper (Hamlyn, £7.99, January 6) and Your Personal Paleo Diet by Chris Kresser (Piatkus, £13.99).


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