Thursday 23 November 2017

Transplants at the Mater

All adult patients who need a lung transplant will in future be able to have the operation in the Mater Hospital in Dublin and will no longer have to travel to the UK.

While the vast majority of lung transplants have been performed by specialists at the Mater Hospital since the first lung transplant in 2005, some of the more complex cases have been referred to Newcastle.

Repatriating lung transplantation to Ireland is now possible as the Mater Programme has demonstrated its ability to provide care for even the most critically ill and complex patients requiring lung transplants.

A benefit to the repatriation of transplant services from the UK back to Ireland is the delivery of significant cost savings to the HSE, as patients and their families will no longer need to be transported and cared for outside of the State.

Jim McCarthy, Director at the National Centre for Cardiothoracic Surgery, who performed the first lung transplant with Freddie Wood in 2005, said: "We will, in the next year, be celebrating 10 years of performing lung transplants in Ireland. We have established a long and valuable relationship with Newcastle and we will continue to consult with them on a case-by-case basis, as we do with other transplantation facilities around the world."

Irish Independent

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