Monday 19 February 2018

Top Irish chef Domini Kemp reveals she is battling breast cancer

Domini Kemp
Domini Kemp

DOMINI Kemp, the chef and cook book author has spoken for the first time about her cancer diagnosis at the age of 41.

The writer and cook, who runs the It’s a Bagel chain of outlets with her sister Peaches, two restaurants and four cafes, and a catering company, is undergoing chemotherapy every three weeks.

The mum of two revealed that she discovered a hard lump on her breast in March this year, a week before her mum passed away from Parkinsons.


“I found the lump the week before she died and then went into a breast clinic the week after, so it really was a bit of a bang, bang, bang,” she tells the new issue of VIP magazine.   


A biopsy revealed that she had three small tumours and Domini is now undergoing treatment, which she admits finding gruelling.


“I found that I felt awful for two or three days like I had the flu, a really bad hangover and I felt seasick.  I was bored time went by really slowly and everything sounded sharp.”


The chef admits she misses cooking dinner for her husband Garvan and two daughters Lauren (15), whose dad is chef Conrad Gallagher, and  Maeve (3).


“II get very down if I can’t cook dinner at home; I really  like feeding the family and when I can’t do that I feel useless.”


She admits to having read up on diets that can help fight cancer and stimulate your immune system, so is using more of the spice Turmeric in her cooking.


“I’m also doing a lot more juicing and I try to take wheatgrass as often as I can,” she tells the magazine.


The one thing Domini has found difficult was losing her hair, and today wears a wig, that no one would guess was not her own hair.


“I got it cut short initially,” she says of her long blonde hair. “I didn’t really like it and found it odd because it was sort of forced upon me. But you get the wig and you carry on. But ‘doing’ the wig, it’s just a bore.”


She admits that she has found cancer has made her more efficient with her time, but that she does not want to make an issue of having cancer:


“I don’t want to seem like I am moaning,” she says. “People are going through a lot worse than I am.”

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