Friday 15 December 2017

Tips to fight the festive flab

 Here are some top tips for keeping you on the straight and narrow over the next week. 

Just because you are off work, doesn't mean you can take an exercise break.
Just because you are off work, doesn't mean you can take an exercise break.
Alcohol consumption can triple at this time of year.
Dilute your drinking with water.
Be aware of your portion sizes.

Siobhan Byrne

OK, so we are in the middle of the indulgent season and already the belt needs to go down another notch.

1. Keep up your regular exercises

Just because you are off work, doesn't mean you can take an exercise break.

2. Limit Alcohol intake

With parties and family occasions, alcohol consumption can triple at this time of year. Overdrinking will create low energy levels, overeating and weight gain.

3. Dilute drinking with water

Be aware of your limits and break your alcoholic drinks by drinking water in between each one.

4. Be more careful about what you eat

Make a conscious choice when and what you will treat yourself with over Christmas.

5. Choose healthy snacks

Snack on fruit and nuts as opposed to chocolate and sweets.

6. Food Shop in moderation

Don't buy too much over-indulgent food. Have enough to offer friends and family -- but don't over-indulge.

7. Watch your portions

Enjoy your food but don't make the mistake of doubling your normal portion size.

8. Don't go for seconds

One plate of food is enough all year round; the same is true now.

9. Walk off big meals/occasions

After big main meals with the family, get everyone out for a walk for some fresh air.

10. Swap work activity for exercise

If you normally walk or cycle to work, replace this with something new.

11. Play with your children

Whether you have kids or are visiting cousins, nieces or nephews, get everyone enjoying some outdoor fun.

12. Have some low calorie days

With the over-indulgence, entertaining and partying, choose days you have nothing planned to eat extra fresh and healthy.

13. Plan your festive exercise

Be realistic and schedule your workouts on days that aren't after heavy nights out and days you will stick to.

14. Don't sleep in too much

Even though you have time off, don't sleep in too much. Changing sleeping patterns can affect metabolism and energy levels.

15. Get your 5 a day every day

Eat lots of fruit and veg to help digestion.

16. Keep hydrated

With your normal patterns being thrown off and more than usual alcohol intake, make sure you are getting 2-3 litres per day and if you feel hungry after meals, drink water as you are thirsty not hungry.

17. Freeze leftovers

If you have lots of leftovers, either freeze them for meals later on or give them to the dog.

18. Cook healthy festive favourites

If you're the chef of the house, look up healthy recipes of your favourite festive treats and cook them as healthily as possible.


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