Wednesday 13 December 2017

The alternative medicine practitioner

Dr Aileen O'Kane believes cancer -- or any illness -- is the body giving a warning sign our lives are out of balance.

After more than 20 years working as a medical doctor, Aileen turned her attention to holistic health and now runs an ayurvedic practice in Co Armagh.

Aileen says: "In Ayurveda we believe that if the digestive system is overtaxed the immune system is compromised and can't gobble up the cancer cells that the body is always producing, the way it normally would.

"Many people who have cancer have excess acid in the body. This comes from eating too much red meat, fermented foods like alcohol, vinegar, yogurt, cheeses and yeast, and acidic fruits such as citrus fruits and tomatoes."

Aileen adds: "Guarding against cancer isn't about avoiding these foods but about eating a varied diet and only when you're hungry -- it's about living a balanced life."

She says many people use work, food or alcohol to mask addressing emotional issues such as relationship concerns, and family troubles.

"I would say in most illness the emotional element is just as relevant as the physical."

the conclusion: Listen to the body and only eat when hungry, keep acidic foods to a minimum and take time out to address any emotional issues -- healthy mind: healthy body.

Irish Independent

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