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Tuesday 23 January 2018

Switch off: how to cut screen time

Kathy Donaghy

* Remove the TV or computer from your child's bedroom.

* Do not allow TV watching during meals or homework.

* Do not let your child eat while watching TV or using the computer.

* Do not leave the TV on for background noise. Turn on the radio instead, or have no background noise.

* Decide which programmes to watch ahead of time, and turn off the TV when the programme is over.

* Suggest other activities, such as a family board game, puzzle or going for a walk.

* Keep a record of how much time is spent in front of a screen. Try to spend the same amount of time being active.

* Be a good role model as a parent. Decrease your own screen time to two hours a day.

* If it is hard not having the TV on, try using the sleep function so it turns off automatically.

* Challenge your family to go one week without watching TV or doing other screen-time activities. Find things to do with your time that get you moving and burning energy.

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