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Wednesday 21 February 2018

Spring cleaners be warned

It's not an excuse to postpone the hard work but poison experts in Beaumont Hospital in Dublin have warned about the dangers of spring cleaning.

Always read product labels and use products only as directed, says the National Poisons Centre.

• Ventilate the area if you are working with chemical products.

• Use gloves to prevent irritant or corrosive chemicals causing damage to your skin.

• Do not mix chemical products together, eg bleach and toilet cleaner.

• Do not leave product containers open or unattended.

• Do not transfer products from their original containers into soft-drink bottles.

"If children swallow small amounts, they may develop minor symptoms of tummy upset.

"Always seek medical advice if children swallow large amounts," it advises.

Take care when de-frosting the fridge freezer not to puncture or damage the cooling surfaces as this causes the coolant gases to escape.

Ventilate the area and get fresh air if you are exposed to gases from a refrigerator appliance. Seek medical advice if more than minor symptoms develop.

Liquid and plug-in air-fresheners contain perfume and alcohol, so if small amounts are swallowed there may be minor nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Seek medical advice if symptoms continue.

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