Thursday 14 December 2017

Siobhan Byrne's top three strength training exercises

Siobhan Byrne

CLOSE GRIP PUSH-UP 1. Start face down, balancing on two hex dumbbells with your legs raised behind on the Swiss ball. Have your hands no more than chest-width apart.

2. Dip the body down into a push-up and push straight back up to start position.

* Do not allow the lower back to dip throughout the exercise.


1. One of the main reasons I like this exercise is that it stops the sway putting pressure on the lower back that you can get when standing. Start by kneeling on the BOSU ball, balancing with your toes on the ground behind you.

2. With two dumbbells in hand, raise the arms to shoulder height. Return to start position.


1. Start by holding two kettlebells with straight arms at the side of your legs, balancing on one leg with the other slightly behind.

2. Raise the back leg as you lower the torso and kettlebells towards the ground, keeping the front leg as straight as possible. Push off the straight leg to return to start position.

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